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Of Learning and Survival
[AU, Slash] They turned on him, so he ran away and left them to their war. But even from one world to another, he finds that obscurity really doesn't like him. 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Draconis Dominus
We have Harry Potter, alternate schooling and graduation. Then we have a hot dragon handler, some romance, war and a happy ending. What's there not to like? 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


Out of the Ruins of a Kingdom
She is unlike any other. Though she bears the physique of a human girl, the Elven tongues of Old spill fluently from her lips. Further yet, she claims to be the Lady of a fallen house and seems intent on driving Glorfindel stark, raving mad.

Chapter 1 : Stranger from a Distant Land
Chapter 2 : Haunting Memories of Old
Chapter 3 : Reaching out for Nothing

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 Canon Characters
1. Harry Potter
2. Albus Dumbledore
3. Severus Snape
4. Lucius Malfoy
5. Remus Lupin

Original Characters
1. Aindreas Wyatt  [*]
2. Ironheart Gnarl
3. Guy Goulding
4. Amadis Cadence
5. Vyler & Aynsel Whitewind [*]
6. Corss Yves Blanc [*]

Note: The [*] links are to private entries where I keep my own notes and information that hasn't been published.
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 Name : Vyler Whitewind

Race : Forest Eldar

Affiliations : Member of the Avalon Shopkeeper's Association

Hair Colour : Silver-blonde (long)

Eye Colour : Grey

Skin Colour : Fair

Height : 175cm

Weight : 63 kg


Personality : Kind, placid and gentle. He is a friendly being with a generous heart, which is why he gets along well with his customers. Always ready to lend a listening ear and offer friendly advice, and protective over those whom he loves. Lives and dies for his sister. There is steel beneath the silk, however, and he can defend himself where necessary.




Name : Aynsel Whitewind

Race : Forest Eldar

Hair Colour : Silver-blonde (long)

Eye Colour : Grey

Skin Colour : Fair

Height : 171cm

Weight :  49 kg


Personality : Wise and knowledgeable, it is ridiculous how well-educated she is; she never stops reading. She has a quicker temper than Vyler, and a sharp wit, but has as generous and kind a heart as her brother.  She places great emphasis on culture and tradition but is an understanding soul with a great capacity for love.

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Name : Corss Yves Blanc

Date of Birth : 

Race : Dragon daemin

Affiliations : Mistral Academy of Learning and Survival

Hair Colour : Dark Red (short, spiked)

Eye Colour : Amber-gold

Skin Colour : tanned

Height : (at 15) 178cm

Weight : (at 15) 76 kg


Personality : Cheerful, weapon-loving daemin.

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Name : Aindreas Wyatt

Date of Birth : 31 July 1980

Race : Aether

Affiliations : (1) Guild Ildefonso (defunct); (2) Mistral Academy of Learning and Survival

Hair Colour : Auburn (short, with long, side-swept fringe)

Eye Colour : Green

Skin Colour : Fair

Height : (at 15) 161cm

Weight : (at 15) 48kg


Personality : Level-headed and collected, with the occasional flash of temper. Adopts and discards facades when necessary. Due to his history with the wizarding world, he tries to keep his cards (and himself) as close to his chest as possible, which is why he keeps personal details to himself even when making friends. But even though he does not act his age most of the time, he is still a (rather dysfunctional) teenager.


Wizarding Associates : 

Ironheart Gnarl - Goblin account manager at wizarding Gringotts. He plays a part in helping Harry become Aindreas and oversees Harry (and the Ildefonso)'s businesses in the wizarding and muggle worlds, keeping him updated on the going ons in the wizarding world. 


Remus Lupin - Recognised by Aindreas as one of his parents' friends (due to Lily's diary), Aindreas picks him up off the streets (not literally) and offers him the massive job of handling the Ildefonso businesses. He also houses him in a wizarding village and Remus becomes his (Aindreas') godfather in name.  


Severus Snape - Rescued by Aindreas from a curse-happy Lord Voldemort. 


Lucius Malfoy 


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